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Creating a visual personality for your business

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Dr. Bruno Vendittelli: I had taken over an orthodontic practice with an excellent reputation but very traditional branding. After redesigning our physical space, we wanted our visual identity to be consistent with the new feel in the office: colourful, fun, and welcoming. Hambly & Woolley was one of three teams we considered for the work. Their presentation and personal approach made them stand out.


H&W: We spent a half-day in the clinic with Dr. Vendittelli and his team, learning about his profession and understanding the personality of his practice. Three different H&W designers then developed schemes for him to consider. The winning identity included a circular graphic using the "o" in his company name, playfully referencing an open mouth as well as those tiny plastic donuts on your braces (more accurately called elastic ligatures, we now know!).


Dr. Bruno Vendittelli: The consistent and distinctly youthful look and feel of all our printed materials now reflect how we want our clients to feel: comfortable, relaxed, and confident that we pay meticulous attention to detail. While this is crucial in my sector, few of our competitors have invested in this very important component of their business. Hambly & Woolley has made Forest Hill Orthodontics stand out.

Scope of Work

Visual identity

Hambly & Woolley truly delivers what’s best. Because they work hard to understand each client, their value is much greater than just pleasing your every whim. They expertly guide you to a proper solution.

Dr. Bruno Vendittelli
Forest Hill Orthodontics