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Jamie Lougheed, Executive Director of Advancement: Our relationship with Hambly & Woolley stretches back to 2006. At that time, Greenwood College School was a new independent high school in Toronto, and Bob and Barb helped us with one of our first school fundraising events. Not only was the event a huge success, but it won Greenwood a national communications award. We soon sought Hambly & Woolley's advice on meeting our broader communications goals and defining ourselves visually in a marketplace crowded with older, more established institutions.


H&W: With a focus on character education and individualized learning, the school needed to stand out from its competitors and visually connect its audience to the experience of a Greenwood education. Our ongoing job is to substantiate the vision of the school’s founders with mounting evidence of student and alumni success, while inviting new students and their families to play a role in the evolving story of the school. Over the years, we have helped Greenwood accomplish by creating a look and feel unique in the marketplace--a new mark, compelling photography, and a fresh voice that focuses on students’ individual success stories. Admissions materials, signage, athletic banners, an alumni magazine and even construction hoarding are all thoughtfully created to help define and reinforce the Greenwood brand.


Jamie LougheedExecutive Director of Advancement: Because of Hambly & Woolley, all of our communications feel like the school does when you walk in our doors:  approachable, open, and friendly. Each piece speaks to the next, forming a testament to their knowledge of and investment in Greenwood. They complement our own expertise in many ways, offering us a network of photographers, printers and writers we know will hit the mark. When we embarked upon our current fundraising campaign, H&W was there with us from the start, devising the ‘Building Character’ theme and ensuring our key messages and goals were clearly defined. Far more than a supplier, Hambly & Woolley is our strategic partner – their input in our communications planning is invaluable.

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Having worked on both the agency and client side, I can say Hambly & Woolley is most definitely a client-centred firm. There is a mutual respect in our partnership – they’re deeply invested in our success."

Jamie Lougheed
Executive Director of Advancement