Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity

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Jamison Steeve, Executive Director, Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity: The Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity is a progressive, apolitical think tank that publishes an annual report, the occasional white paper, and two to three working papers every year, distributing them to businesses, government, educational institutions and the media. Each report has a different theme, with the aim of increasing Ontario’s competitiveness, productivity and capacity for innovation in some way. We need the quality of our work, and the substance of our recommendations to take hold in our readers, and spur them to action. Hambly & Woolley’s ongoing challenge is to translate our message into materials that are eye-catching, contemporary, readable and compelling.


H&W: We’ve read every word of every one of the 39 reports produced by ICP over the last thirteen years. It’s vitally important for us to understand the content to be able to present it visually through infographics, illustrations, usable sound bites, and easily digestible recommendations. We are part of each report from the initial theme identification to final print production, with a back-and-forth process—including a day-long ‘war room’ hosted at our offices--that has been well honed over the years. The use of illustration has been central to making the material reader-friendly, and we are constantly seeking interesting ways to bring salient points to the forefront. Ours is deep, strategic partnership with Jamison and his team.


Jamison Steeve, Executive Director, Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity: H&W has created a distinct niche for us in the hyper-competitive world of think tanks. I couldn’t be happier with the impact they have had on our work. They’ve made our reports visually engaging and readable, and easy to use for our media contacts or others who won’t necessarily read them in their entirety.  It’s no coincidence that our most downloaded paper is also our most visually compelling. And beyond our print reports, other work H&W has done for us has helped us become a market leader, such as vastly improved wayfinding on our website and a strong social media presence. There’s a reason we’ve returned to work with them again and again over the years.

Scope of Work

Visual identity
Annual reports
White papers

In the world of think tanks, you can’t just put your idea on a piece of paper and send it out the door. You need a symbiosis between the material and the way it looks. I would not have said that before I started working with H&W, but now I fully understand the value of great design.

Jamison Steeve
Executive Director, Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity