Peel District School Board

Welcoming students with a smile

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Brian Woodland, Director of Communications, Peel District School Board: One of Canada’s largest and most diverse school boards, Peel needed a new visual identity to better reflect its mission and the communities it serves. Our design partner needed to help us engage and involve our stakeholders appropriately for input, consensus-building and roll-out – our process was just as important as the outcome. H&W listened to our requirements and made a deep investment in us.


H&W: Input from over 500 stakeholders offered a compelling consensus on what the visual identity should convey: most pointedly, the Board’s passionate commitment to helping all students achieve. The tone needed to be fun, youthful and modern, and translate well across all cultures. The symbol, colour and typography were carefully selected to meet these criteria, and to work well across a variety of applications.


Brian Woodland, Director of Communications, Peel District School Board: Not only did our new identity meet the mark with pinpoint accuracy, but the speed and enthusiasm with which it was embraced by our community proves how H&W helped us do things right. From framing the launch and roll-out to applying the concept in ways we’d never imagined, they have extraordinary talent for producing and shepherding great ideas.

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Annual Report

Because Hambly & Woolley are so down to earth and easy to work with, you forget that they are an internationally recognized team of designers. It’s nice not to have to tolerate big egos in order to benefit from such extraordinary talent.

Brian Woodland
Director of Communications,
Peel District School Board