Timbercreek Asset Management

Enhancing the market’s perception of your brand

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Colleen Krempulec, Executive Director, Marketing, Timbercreek Asset Management: Timbercreek is a group of companies founded in 1999 that invests, owns and manages real estate assets. By the time I joined the firm in 2012, our visual presence had not been consistent with our growth. We needed a new visual identity, fonts, colour palette, imagery, brand standards and style guide, so that my team could function as a standalone marketing department. Having come from an agency background, I knew I wanted a strong design partner to convey and deliver value to Timbercreek’s senior management, whose core competencies were finance and real estate.


H&W: Timbercreek is a mutli-faceted real estate company—it couldn’t speak to potential tenants in the same language it used for investors. We needed to convey hominess and warmth to residents while assuring solid returns for investment partners. Working closely with Colleen and the management team, we first listened to the evolving story of the company, and then began the work of bringing it forward visually with a fresh, contemporary mark, a striking new colour palette and architectural imagery from its real estate portfolio. Over the years, we’ve helped Timbercreek unify their materials—everything from signage on their apartment buildings to three new websites, to investment prospectuses used by the company’s executives.


Colleen Krempulec, Executive Director, Marketing, Timbercreek Asset Management: H&W has played a major role in enhancing the market’s perception of Timbercreek, how we have matured as a company, and how our different divisions work together. With their help, Timbercreek’s materials now reflect that we are well established, professionally managed, and trustworthy—things equally important for renters, mortgagees or investors, yet communicated to each audience in subtly different ways. We now create much of our marketing materials ourselves, returning to them for significant projects such as new site launches or printed materials. Increased web traffic and occupancy rates, as well as anecdotal evidence from industry partners and investors all support the return on this important strategic investment.

Scope of Work

Visual identity
Style guide
Print & digital advertising
Annual report

When we first engaged H&W, they spent a significant amount of time listening, working hard to understand the ‘state of the nation’ of Timbercreek at that time. And they wanted to hear it not just from me, but also through interviews of the key executives. This really informed the work they did thereafter.

Colleen Krempulec 
Executive Director, Marketing, Timbercreek Asset Management