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Remarkable times call for a remarkable effort.

Even with our team’s physical distance, we remain connected and fully operational. Our priority is everyone’s well-being, and we are all working remotely to advance projects and support our clients. In a knowledge economy, we can meet, discuss and create from our homes. Maybe sometimes in our pyjamas. 

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Check out our recent design inspirations, and what’s happening in our studio.

We LOVE type (as all designers do!). So it is always an amazing moment when we get playful with a logo. @ensightcanada is an Ottawa based PR firm that recognizes their client relationships in government and business are the key to their success. By taking the G in insight and turning it into an ampersand we were able to highlight the connections that Ensight enables between their team and partners.
Over the course of the next little while, to celebrate our 30th anniversary we are going to look back at some of the visual identities we've done in our history. We aren't interested in a Nostalgia trip. We are just going to look at some of the logos that Mark our past.
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