12 May 20

A Conference in the Time of Coronavirus

We are all getting sick of looking at screens. We look at them for work, we look at them for connection, and we look at them for entertainment. So how would it feel when an important part of your career inspiration is now going to be seen entirely on a screen?

09 Jan 20

2020 Design Trends?

Hambly & Woolley isn't really the kind of studio that follows trends in the work that we do with clients. However, we are always aware of what is happening in the contemporary landscape.

Dominic Ayre
05 Dec 19

2019 Design Roundtable

A Creative Director, Design Director and Senior Designer walk into a boardroom….

Dominic Ayre, Frances Chen & Heshaka Jayawardena
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LONG WEEKEND READING!!! OUR @stackmagazines mail drop always seems to come at the right time. @dispatchesmag brings together writers, photographers, poets, scientist and all sorts of very bright contributors from around the globe to discuss a central theme per issue... this time Dispatches in its Fate of the City issue looks at the state of cities, from the locust class article about gentrification to the city themed crossword to the effect of double vaccinations...
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