17 Mar 15

The 5 Basic Principles of Flag Design

Applied Arts, March 2015

One of the best lessons I have learned as a designer is that it’s difficult creating something simple, something impactful. Saying a lot with a little is a challenge. The design of logos, stamps and flags comes to mind.

Bob Hambly #appliedarts #learning
19 Dec 14

Signs of the Time

Applied Arts, December 2014

Mobile billboards and their all-uppercase, badly kerned, scratched plastic letters do have a place in the advertising world

01 Sep 13

Collective Behaviour

Applied Arts Magazine, September-October 2013

I experienced something on the internet recently that I’m convinced has its origins in a little-known 16th century phenomenon. 

Bob Hambly #appliedarts
11 Jul 12

What Fuels Innovation?

Applied Arts, July 2012

Curiosity. If “innovation” is the new mantra of business, then we must learn to nurture curiosity and creativity at an early age.

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