08 Oct 19

The Qualities of a Great Client

Longevity is a matter of context. The average NHL career is merely 5 years.1 The average duration of marriages in Canada remains around 14 years.2 While there might not be statistical data to validate the claim, having a client relationship for 18 years feels like rarefied air.

04 Dec 18

Managing Websites: A Look Behind the Scenes

In the early years of the Internet, if a person wanted to update content on their website, they would either need to be a programmer or hire one to do the work. Today, it’s almost unheard of to have a website which cannot be easily updated by practically anyone. 

Andrew J. Ryther #design #interactive
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LONG WEEKEND READING!!! OUR @stackmagazines mail drop always seems to come at the right time. @dispatchesmag brings together writers, photographers, poets, scientist and all sorts of very bright contributors from around the globe to discuss a central theme per issue... this time Dispatches in its Fate of the City issue looks at the state of cities, from the locust class article about gentrification to the city themed crossword to the effect of double vaccinations...
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