Our Channel is where you can learn more about life at H&W – see what inspires us and encourages us to share our thoughts. It usually concerns the world of design, but not always. Channels work best when there’s a back and forth, so please feel free to jump in. 

Apr 27/

The magic of virtual collaborative design.
#designprocess #interactive #teams #connections

Feb 25/

The realities of hiring remotely.
#interview #jobs

Jan 29/

There is a strange parallel between the founding of H&W and the new chapter we embark on.
#teams #responsibility

Jan 26/

H&W is in search of a talented UI/UX designer!

Dec 23/

Dear friends, colleagues, and clients,Bob and I are delighted to officially announce new partners in Hambly & Woolley: Gord Woolley, Dominic Ayre and Andrew Ryther, who will be taking on the management of our firm.

Nov 12/

While there are some advantages to working remotely – the fridge is close by, the commute is very short, and you can wear your slippers all day – there are some obvious disadvantages.
#teams #connections #emotions

Sep 18/

How curiosity-based research is imperative in the development of thoughtful graphic design.
#curiosity #designprocess #creativity

Aug 13/

Our studio space has been closed now for 150 days.
#designlife #responsibility #emotions

Jul 10/

My thoughts on being with the same design studio for all of this millennium.
#designlife #connections

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