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Apr 2/

The studio has only been working remotely for a bit less than three weeks but – I am sure that many people feel this – it is kind of hard to remember the time before this pandemic.
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Mar 5/

Too much. Too little. Too far. Too close. Too red. Too blue. Too this. Too that.
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Jan 9/

Hambly & Woolley isn't really the kind of studio that follows trends in the work that we do with clients. However, we are always aware of what is happening in the contemporary landscape.

Dec 5/

A Creative Director, Design Director and Senior Designer walk into a boardroom….

Nov 5/

The work that fuels our studio.
#design #designlife

Oct 8/

Longevity is a matter of context. The average NHL career is merely 5 years.1 The average duration of marriages in Canada remains around 14 years.2 While there might not be statistical data to validate the claim, having a client relationship for 18 years feels like rarefied air.
#design #designprocess #clientmeetings #clients

Sep 4/

“How long will this logo last?” isn’t an easy question to answer. But clients love to ask it. Even the very best fortune-teller would say it’s hard to know.
#design #branding #logo #brand strategy

Aug 1/

In the 10 years I’ve worked at H&W, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of great development partners on the websites and apps we’ve created for clients.
#interactive #teams

Jul 3/

I’m fascinated with colour. But it’s a complex subject. Like the game of baseball, the more you understand it, the more you realize how little you know.
#accessibility #colour #emotions #psychology

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