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Dec 4/

In the early years of the Internet, if a person wanted to update content on their website, they would either need to be a programmer or hire one to do the work. Today, it’s almost unheard of to have a website which cannot be easily updated by practically anyone. 
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Nov 1/

This past spring, I visited the small town of Marfa, Texas to see the work of one of my favourite artists, Donald Judd.
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Oct 2/

How we partner with in-house teamsWhen I moved to Toronto 25 years ago, there was a very different belief about in-house designers than exists today.

Feb 5/

Acorn Magazine, Spring 2018  Architectural Conservancy Ontario For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to the photography of Walker Evans.

Jan 5/

Uppercase Magazine #37: The CMYK Issue, January 2018I grew up in a house that had a green refrigerator and stove.

Feb 12/

Communication Arts, January-February 2016Have you ever had clients who, after the presentation of your initial design concepts, became quiet, nervous or even afraid of what they were looking at?
#communicationarts #learning

Mar 17/

Applied Arts, March 2015One of the best lessons I have learned as a designer is that it’s difficult creating something simple, something impactful. Saying a lot with a little is a challenge. The design of logos, stamps and flags comes to mind.
#appliedarts #learning

Jan 10/

Communication Arts, January-February 2015Over the years, I’ve learned that when it comes to riddles, the world is split into two types of people—those who live for a good riddle and those who abhor them. 
#communicationarts #designthinkers

Dec 19/

Applied Arts, December 2014Mobile billboards and their all-uppercase, badly kerned, scratched plastic letters do have a place in the advertising world
#appliedarts #inspiration

Sep 1/

Applied Arts Magazine, September-October 2013I experienced something on the internet recently that I’m convinced has its origins in a little-known 16th century phenomenon. 

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