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May 1/

California-based industrial design firm AWOL Company created this alpine race helmet for Fast Company’s Porsche Design Challenge. Inspired by the 1969 movie Downhill Racer starring Robert Redford and Gene Hackman, it refers to the moment in the film when a streamlined orange Porsche 911T Sportomatic plows through a pristine snow-covered landscape. We are convinced that the wearer of this helmet will capture the speed and perfect lines of that famous car. Read this month’s Orange.

Feb 5/

The atrium at California's Berkeley Art Museum now offers new lounge seating for visitors. Whether you’re relaxing or watching live performances, the benches are sure to please. Their organic shapes are made from a rigid foam substrate laminated to layers of painted plywood. Be careful if you visit – with wireless Internet and built-in power outlets, you may never leave this orange oasis. Read this month’s Orange.

Dec 4/

If you find an orange in your stocking this Christmas it may be harkening back to the tale of gold left behind by St. Nicholas. Read this month’s Orange.

Oct 2/

M&M Sculpture was created in 2012 by American artist Dan Colen. Artsy, the on-line resource for art collecters, refers to it as “...a clever take on the notion of artifice, merging the natural world with the inordinately artificial, and a wry approach to consumption.” We just think it’s cool to paint a big boulder like an orange M&M. Read this month’s Orange.

Sep 6/

The Danish firm JDS Architects created the Skinny Playscape as part of their new boardwalk design for Kalvebod Brugge, a waterfront area of Copenhagen. The playscape is a continuous orange metal strip that provides steps, balance beams, ladders and other challenges for adventuresome youngsters. Ahhh, the Dutch and their love for the colour orange. And did you notice? There are no rubber mats or safety nets. Read this month’s Orange.

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