JULY 2014

Teresa Group Website
Grenville Time Poster

The Order of Orange
A tribute to those individuals who, over the years, have championed the colour Orange.

Inductee #9
The happy-go-lucky jungle orphan who owned but one piece of clothing – a pair of orange shorts!

Nationality: Indian
Home: jungle
Childhood: raised by wolves
Personality: mischievous, brave, naive
Friends: Bagheera (panther) and Baloo (bear)
Nickname: "Man-cub"


Teresa Group Website

The Teresa Group is Canada's oldest community-based charitable organization specifically serving children affected by HIV and AIDS and their families. H&W was excited to be asked to develop its content-managed website in conjunction with a new visual identity. The site needed to reach out to numerous audiences including local and global advocates, the HIV and AIDS community and various fundraisers. Using the vibrant colour palette of the new logo and clear, accessible typography, H&W created a site that allows readers direct access to content related to their support programs, symposiums and fundraising events.

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CPA Magazine
ICP Annual Report 12

Grenville Time Poster

Did you know that the average Canadian spends 32 full days out of each year watching television? Time, and how we spend it, is a fascinating subject. H&W developed the campaign "It's TIME you discovered Grenville's digital colour!" for Grenville Print Centres using entertaining time-related trivia and engaging imagery. The intended audience is mostly young students who respond well to quirky bits of information, a variety of entry points and a soft sell – this campaign delivers on all fronts.

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