MAY 2018

UTAM Corporation / AR 2017
HSC Review / Spring 2018
UTSC Commons / Spring 2018

Iceland only started building lighthouses in 1878. Now the country has 120 of the ship-guiding structures along their coastline – many of which are painted orange. Several of the lighthouses are now available for travellers to rent. If you’re looking for solitude and a good view of the ocean, perhaps a stay in one of these handsome landmarks is in order.

Photo: Søren Thuesen


U of T Asset Management Corporation /
AR 2017

H&W, with writer Doug Dolan, created both the Annual and the Responsible Investing Reports for the University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation. The theme, “Behind the Numbers”, was cleverly reinforced by interspersing a series of half pages to reveal profiles and photographs of the team and the roles they play in the organization. Both reports reinforce the rigour that UTAM applies in their investment decisions.

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U of T Asset Management Corporation / AR 2017
HSC Review /Spring 2018

HSC Review /
Spring 2018

H&W were engaged to completely ‘blow up’ Hillfield Strathallan College’s alumni magazine. Following a strategic consultation with the Advancement & Communication team, we reshaped the magazine from the inside out. The new grid, typographic architecture, approach to imagery and suggestions for new content pages, along with a new cover treatment, elicited a “WOW, WOW, WOW. The magazine looks amazing!” from our effusive client.

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UTSC Commons / Spring 2018

Workplaces are changing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are transforming our world at an increasing pace. The latest issue of UTSC Commons tackles the future of work and our need to take a more interdisciplinary approach to traditional jobs. As designers, we know that creativity will be the last thing a robot will be capable of doing. Phew.

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UTSC Commons / Spring 2018
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