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FOCB Close the loophole!
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Based on the study of ergonomics, American industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss launched the renowned Dreyfuss Charts in 1974. Over the years these charts have been a valuable reference guide for designers and architects to assist them in better understanding human proportions and mobility. The orange template shown here is #3a for Wheelchair Users.


Common Good Retirement Plan

Working closely with Flywheel Strategic and their client Common Wealth, H&W was asked to develop the visual identity for the Common Good Retirement Plan. The plan, which has launched a national information campaign, would offer a low-cost and convenient way to help non-profit workers save for retirement. By connecting the lowercase ‘m’s in the word Common we were able to create a concept around the idea of strength in numbers. Common Good Retirement Plan could launch as early as next year.

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Common Good Retirement Plan
FOCB “Close the Loophole!”

FOCB “Close
the Loophole!”

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting asked us to design their latest report urging the federal government to close the tax loophole that is draining billions of advertising dollars away from Canadian newspapers and local news. Money that is crucial to their existence. “Close the Loophole!” uses bold, bit-mapped images to emphasize the denigration of our own media by foreign internet companies like Facebook, Google and Instagram.

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RTO Annual Report

You’re sending out an annual report to 76,000 members for the first time ever – how do you engage your audience? Keep it simple, direct and vibrant. RTO/ERO – Retired Teachers of Ontario provides excellent benefits, advocacy and services for retired educators. Vibrant Voices delivers a concise, fact-based summary to a savvy community who are anxious to stay informed and connected.

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RTO Annual Report
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