Hambly & Woolley offers more than just an attractive package for your product, a visual identity for your company, or a new look for your website. We invest in deep, strategic relationships with clients who return to us again and again over the years as they see the difference excellent design makes in the work that they do. And while the international recognition our work receives makes us proud, it’s our client satisfaction, repeat business, and referrals that make us happy.


Our Team

With a diverse team, we remain a boutique operation, offering a warmth and approachability in all of our working relationships. Strategic partners for our clients, we work with you to accomplish our goal – lucid communication, without excess – so that you can reach yours.

Meet Bob
plain / simple Robert Adams / Ansel Adams paint by #'s / connect the dots  + / & Rams / Eames
Meet Barbara
Atwood / Austen HB / stylus English / Western Bass Weegens / Saul Bass Bond / Bourne
Meet Gord
U / City glass / bottle Life of Pi / Life of Brian INDD / QXP 7am / 2 am
Meet Dominic
Detroit / Berlin hairline / extra bold 122bpm / 134bpm New Balance / Nike LPS / MLP
Meet Frances
beauty sleep / catnap scrambled / poached worrier / warrior Frankie / Franny hot chocolate / Ovaltine
Meet Andrew
monocle / ascot gnome / dwarf shadow / silhouette Russell Oliver / Kool-Aid Man birthday / bath day
Meet Taylor
intro / outro high / low  soft / loud  dark / light hue / tone
Meet Heshaka
savoury / sweet football / soccer 4 wheels / 2 wheels CMD / CTRL lyrics / melody
Meet Oscar
Mountain / beach Seinfeld / Friends Beauty / function Listen / talk
Meet Mercedes
brownie / cake scuba / snorkel Sedaris / Barry
Meet Sonja
champagne / Prosecco Struwwelpeter / Max und Moritz Carl Jung / Neil Young / . ampersand / Bermudasand
Meet Elizabeth
east / west country / folk paperback / e-reader muffins / cupcakes island / mainland
Meet Theresa
Kooikerhondje / Basset Hound agility / flyball outboard / paddle boat stitching / stitches CMA / CMT


The Advertising and Design Club of Canada
AIGA American Institute of Graphic Arts
Applied Arts Design Annual, Canada
AR100 – Annual Report Awards Show, USA
Art Directors Club, USA
Communication Arts, USA
Coupe International Design Awards, Canada
FPO Awards, USA
Graphis Annuals, USA
 - Design, Ephemera, Logo, Letterhead, T-shirt, Brochure
KRW Awards, Canada
National Magazine Awards, Canada
Redgees, Canada
RGD – Design at Work, Canada
RGD – Social Good Design Awards, Canada
UCDA Design Awards, USA

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Our Channel

Check out our recent design inspirations, and what’s happening in our studio.

Visual identity for @foresthillortho. One of our favourites for such a collaborative and fun client #greatclients #tbt
Over the course of the next little while, to celebrate our 30th anniversary we are going to look back at some of the visual identities we've done in our history. We aren't interested in a Nostalgia trip. We are just going to look at some of the logos that Mark our past.
#logodesign #logo #branding #branding101 #visualidentity #graphicdesign #design #designlife #toronto #typography #torontodesign #strategic #strategy #peelschools #pdsb #type #userinterface #creativity #collaboration